Sunday, November 29, 2009

When no one’s around . . .

The “When No One’s Around” series of prints is a whimsical view into the world of snowmen, snowwomen and snowfamilies when no one’s around to see. Each scene portrays those everyday life situations, human emotions, family values and even an occasional political statement presented humorously through snowmen characters. Children relate to the cartoon-like snowmen while adults may see the reflection of their own values, emotions and family members.

The original artwork was created with an acrylic underpainting that glows through the overlayed pastel details on the surface.

Snowmen Night Out

Snowmen Global Warming

Snowmen Sledding

Snowmen Swimming

Snowmen Soccer

Snowmen Skiing

Snowmen Santa Claus

Snowmen Golfing

Snowmen Fishing

Snowmen Christmas Presents

5" X 7" Framed Snowmen Prints $10.00 + $4 shipping

8" X 10" Framed Snowmen Prints $14 + $8.25 shipping

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